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hgrep hgrep - grep through RFC822-style headers, skipping body part of message. NewsSurfer v3.02 (New and Improved!)
A Multi-Threaded Perl Tk GUI based NNTP client with yEnc support. Retrieve usenet news articles to which no reply has yet been posted.
mail2news-1.14 Install INN, configure it for local access with no newsfeeds. If you
have newsfeeds, ensure that C<local> groups are not fed to other sites.
You must change the $nntpserver variable in this program to name
your news server.
On your news server (as user C<news>) do the following, per gatewayed
group. In our example, your domain name is C<> and the news
group is called C<>.

Kurt Starsinic
Last modified: Sat Apr 27 06:46:23 2024